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FreshPhone Support

• Full support is only available on the ONLINE COMMUNITY FORUM
• FreshPHONE is designed for home users and not business users.
• Post questions via the online forum and get help within 48 hours.
• For any issue with your porting request, email [email protected]
• For all questions related to FreshPHONE: ONLINE COMMUNITY FORUM.
• For problems relating to porting requests: [email protected]
• Alternatively, please contact [email protected]

Functionality Features

• Call forwarding - to your mobile or an alternate number.
• Protect dialing out by having to enter a PIN.
• Setup your CallerID - Use your mobile number to receive calls.
• Blacklists - restrict certain numbers from being dialed.ID
• Whitelists - always allow certain numbers to be dialed.
• Country lists - restrict or allow certain countries from being dialed.
• Personal voice mail greetings.
• Receive voice mail via email, dial-in or via the online portal.

Functionality Features

• View your current Airtime balance.
• View all outbound (calls dialed) calls and their billed costs.
• Top up your airtime with a Master or Visa Card Credit Card Only.
• Use contact to see friendly names in outbound call history.
• View all inbound calls (calls received).
• Each account is limited to 2 simultaneous calls.
• Each account is limited to 1 international call at a time.